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Thank You Letter From Headmaster Frank Appiah Kubi of Abetenim M/A J.H.S.!

Dear Camille and Rikki,

We are very grateful and you can imagine the excitement the children displayed on hearing of the good news, also I thank all of you for the hope you’ve given to these kids and be rest assured that the funds will only be used to better the education of the children and nothing else, Rikki, the kids told me to send to you their greetings and their message was that they’ve missed you so much and the chief told me to send to you his gratitude for actually not forgotten about your promise to help the village, he said he was very grateful.

Ones again, thank you, wish you the best,


Thank You Letter From Senior Boys Prefect Samuel Adjei Sarpong of Abetenim M/A J.H.S.!


Dear Sir,


On behalf of the students and the staff of the above mentioned school (Abetenim M/A J.H.S), I write to express our profound gratitude to the students and the staff of QUEENS COLLEGE for their kind donations to enhance the welfare of the students of Abetenim M/A J.H.S.                                                                         

We appreciate all that you’ve been doing to support us, words alone cannot express our heart filled gratitude for you help we hope one day we can see some of you if not all of you so in persons that we can show you our sincere gratitude.

Ones again, on the behalf of the chief, the children and the entire people of Abetenim I say thank you.                                                                                            




Thank You Letter From Headmaster Frank Appiah Kubi of Abetenim M/A J.H.S.!

Dear Madam,


Following your generous support in the building of the Abetenim school, on behalf of the children and the entire village I write to thank you and the school (Queen’s college) as well as all who made this happen. In the speech below, the chief (Nana Owusu Ababio) also announced his profound gratitude.

He said and I quote, “Frank I wish they (Rikki and her school) are here today to see how much hope they have brought to the children and the entire village, I never dreamt that we could have such a school in our village at such short period of time, we thank them for not forgetting us  and wherever they may be, may the blessing of the lord fall on them as the snow fall in their country and is my hope that come September at least one of them will be here for the formal opening of the school then we can show them that we are grateful for all they have done, frank I’m truely out of words because no amount of words can describe what Rikki and the entire teachers and students of queen’s have done, all that I can say is thank you, may God bless you all.”

 Also, Samuel Adjei Sarpong (the senior prefect of the new school) on behalf of his colleagues showed his gratitude, “Thank you Mama Rikki, Thank you Queen’s College for saving us from the long walk to Juaben just to attend school, because of your help we now wake up every morning and our school is just few steps away from us. on behalf of my colleagues we promise to grab this opportunity and make our teachers, sir Frank and our parents proud, we thank you all, is our prayer that whatever you have lost in helping us may it be returned to you in thousand folds.”

Ones again, I say thank you for the wonderful thing you have done in the lives of these kids and as the chief rightly said no amount of words can show our gratitude, we can only say thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Appiah Kubi

(The headmaster, Abetenim M/A Junior High School)

Congratulations Renison Telford (aka Renny) from the Queens College Student Union maintenance crew, winner of “The Ghana Project: Spring 2012 50/50 Raffle”!

Mr. Telford generously donated his prize money back to the efforts in building a school in Abetenim, Ghana. Telford is a hero to those teachers and children. He embodies good character in his compassion and generosity.

Thanks to heroes, like “The Ghana Project” leaders: Dr. Rikki Asher, Jennifer Jarvis, Kristina Hardy, Jessenia Ramirez, the Queens College community and of course, Renison Telford, the children of Abetenim can have a school.

Know that you have changed the lives of these children, giving them an opportunity to enrich themselves with an education. Thank you and congrats, Renny!